Life Ruiner of the Week: Writing FanFiction

Specifically, writing Teen Wolf FanFiction.

Even more specifically, writing PERIOD Teen Wolf FanFiction.

This is what I do with my spare time, you guys. Well, this, watching The X-Files on Netflix, and annoying people at the gym by having conversations with my neighbor instead of quietly listening to music like everyone else. I don’t regret my choices.

So, the cat’s out of the bag. I’m writing Teen Wolf FanFic set in 1815 London. I honestly feel like Derek Hale is just begging to be turned into a mysterious and brooding duke with a tragic backstory. Lydia Martin is obviously a stunningly fabulous, fashionable, and popular bluestocking. And Allison Argent? I can just see Allison in a fashionable dress which she rips off to reveal badass breeches and hidden weapons.  The premise practically writes itself!

1815 v13 Ackermann's fashion plate 3 - Evening Dress That said, I have spent the last two weeks compiling research about 1815 England. Not writing a plot outline or anything essential to the writing process like that, just pure research about the Regency and folklore of the time. I’ve read enough historical romances set in this period that I could probably write something generally accurate without any research at all. But no, I just have to compile a three inch binder’s worth of old fashion plates and maps of 1815 London and the complete history of Vauxhall Gardens — clearly the really important details when writing FanFic.

You might be asking yourself: Lisa, why does everything need to be so accurate? You realize you’ll have werewolves running around in Regency London. Clearly you’ve already compromised the historical accuracy of this piece — just let it go.

I wish I could, reader. I sincerely wish I could. I’m bound to bend a fact or two or make a mistake in any case — why cling to this binder of research with such force? Simply: I’m having far too much fun. This is not only a story I want to write, but a great excuse to really dive into a historical time period which I find fascinating. Add into that the social politics of Teen Wolf spun into the bon ton? You’re never going to pull me away from my furious scribbling about Marquesses and Viscounts. It’s just not worth the effort of trying to convince me to stop. Life-ruining as it might be, I’m having a hell of a time!


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